Is Bigfoot real?

Evidence points to … we don’t know!

Look …

Bigfoot is one of the most popular legends in the US because it is an animal that could very well exist. In fact, there are dozens, if not hundreds, of people who believe they have seen Bigfoot in North America over the years.

To believe, I need evidence.

Above all, I want to see evidence that once and for all proves whether Bigfoot is genuine or not. Finding a giant undocumented primate in the North American forests would be incredible, tremendously exciting, and would probably provide us with the most important evidence yet of Bigfoot’s existence. I repeat what I said here and what many other scientists have said: there is a lot of good evidence that would now be documented if Bigfoot were real. Bigfoot supporters believe that the number of eyewitness accounts of Bigfoot is so small that it is more of a phenomenon than an active imagination.

If there’s a real, vibrant Sasquatch adventure right in your own backyard, you can just run away with the evidence you’ve been looking for all along. Go on an expedition and discover for yourself what was sought and what you were waiting for.

I wish someone had got a decent picture or video if someone claimed to have seen Bigfoot lol. If you think the video was fake, there are many other ways to prove Bigfoot as genuine, such as videos, photos and even videos of the animal itself.

Over fifty years, the collection and collection of alleged evidence for the existence of Bigfoot were presented and scientifically proven. Apart from oral reports and individual sightings, there are no footprints or hair samples, nor is Bigfoot scientifically proven. Bigfoot Tracks, whether you believe in their validity or not, is not up to you. Several people have claimed to have found such footprints or seen Sasquatch, but none of them claim Bigfoot is real.

What I’m trying to achieve is that we’re not, and we shouldn’t be looking for real animal tracks if Bigfoot is real. Bigfoot, Sasquatch and Yeti are all the same, as they seem to behave in a similar way to humans in North America for centuries, surrounded by the same genus and legend. Although Gigantopithecus is not related to Bigfoot and is most likely not an ape, it is just as likely that it is a “giant ape” as Bigfoot. The elusive and possibly fictional animal has undergone a number of incarnations over the years, particularly in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

Even after decades of sightings by thousands of people, there is no definitive proof that Bigfoot is genuine. Even if there is evidence that Bigfoot exists, it’s not proof that it doesn’t, “said David Bakara, a leading naturalist at North Carolina’s Catawba Science Center. The Sasquatch Museum in Cherry Log, Georgia, has spent 40 years of its life providing “definitive proof” of Bigfoot. At Bigfoot Inc., he says he seems confident that his group will be able to gather enough evidence to pursue Bigfoot to Happy Camp in the California area.

But the same man who spearheaded the analysis, David Bakara, told CNBC on Wednesday that he still hasn’t given up proving that Bigfoot is a real and extremely rare creature.

Krantz: Do you think Bigfoot could be a relic population of Gigantopithecus, or do you think it’s a type of hominid popularly known as a “relic” or “hominids” for homins? I don’t think Bigfoot is real because I’ve read so many books that claim it’s real, but I’m still skeptical. The reason I’m skeptical of Bigfoot, I think, is more summed up than I could ever be.

Genzoli called the creature “Big Foot,” but changed his name to Bigfoot because he thought it looked better in print, and called it Big Foot. Some writings suggest that the North American Bigfoot, also called Bigfoot, Big Bear or Big Dog, as well as the “Bigfoot,” is one of these creatures.

Today, the legendary animal seems to be everywhere, and many people believe that the Bigfoot creatures in Pattersons and Gimlin’s films were also costumed pranksters. Below is a picture of a Bigfoot that looks terribly cute, along with a photo of the animal from the Patterson – Gimlin movie.

In January 2014, it was claimed that a Bigfoot creature was killed in San Antonio, Texas in September 2012. In a statement released as part of the search, Steve Kulls said he only noticed the Bigfoot’s body was fake the next day, when the snow began to thaw and a news conference had already taken place. The alleged Bigfoot body was turned over to the Texas Department of Public Health and Human Services (DPS) in Fort Worth.

After the attempts to prove Bigfoot from a zoological perspective have failed, the last desperate cry is to connect Bigfoot with the supernatural realm. Whether there is any real evidence of Bigfoot is impossible to verify, but fans of the creature have been given hope.